How can I send emails to multiple members of a household?

One email address per constituent

It is not currently possible to send email to more than one member of a household, if all household members are contained within one constituent record. This is because there is a 1:1 relationship between constituents and MailChimp or Constant Contact subscribers; only one email address per constituent can be subscribed at a time. 

Sending email to multiple members of a household

In cases where you want to be able to send an email to multiple members of the household, it is common to create a secondary record containing just the spouse/partner email address. Tying this record to the main household record via a relationship that you set up between the two records allows you to track the connection between them for future reference. You can add as many secondary related records as you have household members you want to send email to.

The quickest way to create the secondary records is by cloning the main one. You can do this by accessing the record in LGL, clicking the More actions button in the upper right of the page, cloning the record, and then updating the cloned record with the spouse's name and email address. That will allow you to send email to both members of the household.

Note: We recommend keeping the primary constituent marked as “Primary” for the purposes of sending mailings, when you don’t want any household to receive more than one mailing.

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