Can I set up a team member to see only specific constituents?

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You can restrict access to constituents for any team member, based on their stewardship connections. Within the confines of what their role allows them access to, they will not see any constituents that they are not stewarding or that they didn't create. 

However, while this feature completely limits the constituents the team member will see on the Constituents and Fundraising search results, there are several other ways in which they could still see other constituents. For more details, see the "Caveats to be aware of" section at the end of this article.

Restrict a team member's access to constituents by stewardship assignment

To restrict a team member so that they can only see specific constituents, go to the Team Members page, click the Actions button next to the team member's name, and choose Edit User:

Check the "Restrict access to constituents by stewardship?" checkbox, and then click the Save button:

To search for constituents by the steward assigned to them, go to the Constituents tab and create your search as follows:

Caveats to be aware of when restricting by steward

This feature is helpful for limiting which constituents a team member will see when searching in the Constituents or Fundraising tabs of Little Green Light. But there are a number of ways in which these team members could still see constituent data, including gift data. 

Below are situations where a team member could see constituents, even if they are not assigned as the steward. Where we include gift data, this is assuming the team member has been assigned the Administrator, Gift Entry or Fundraiser (versus Volunteer) role, since these are roles that have access to giving data in general:

  • Duplicates: The team member can see all of the constituents listed in the duplicate finder, including their total giving
  • In Reports: The team member can download any reports that have been previously run by anyone
  • Mailings/Emails: The team member can see emails and mailings that have been created any constituent, including gift fields
  • List Manager: There are no restrictions at the summary level, which shows counts, but on the Constituent tab within a Constituent List they would only see the ones for which they are a steward
  • Bulk constituent category edits: No restrictions in viewing past edits
  • Tributes: No restriction on summary, but we do restrict views on details of gifts
  • Integration Queue and LGL Forms Submission Queue: No restrictions
  • Volunteering tab: No restrictions
  • LGL Forms: No restrictions, so if the team member has access to the Forms area (which all administrators do automatically), then they will be able to see all submissions there