Team member/user roles and permissions

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By default, there are four user roles available in Little Green Light

  • Administrator
  • Gift Entry
  • Fundraiser
  • Volunteer 

The details of how permissions work with each role are listed in detail in the tables available to view in the linked PDF at the end of this article, but the basic philosophy is as follows.


Volunteers have limited access. They can:

  • See all constituents
  • Add a few kinds of records
  • Edit only records they have created or to which they have been directly assigned as a steward


Fundraisers can:

  • View almost everything
  • Add most kinds of records
  • Edit records they have permission to view (with a few exceptions) and delete records such as contact reports, tasks, or reports they have created (NOTE: This role does not have the option to delete a constituent record.)

Gift Entry

The Gift Entry role has the same permissions as the Administrator role, minus the ability to add or edit users or manage other account information such as subscription settings and integration settings.


  • Administrators can view, add, edit, and delete every kind of record in LGL.

Administrator-level users can also request that certain sections of the constituent record be restricted from view by Fundraiser or Volunteer level users. For more information, or to request that a section be restricted from view, please contact our support team.

In addition to the general role-level settings, viewing permissions can be restricted for tasks, documents, contact reports, notes, comments, and mailings/letters. 

Read a full description of the default LGL Roles and Permissions.

If you find, after reading through the full descriptions of the default LGL Roles and Permissions, that you need a customized permission role, please contact us and we will let you know what might be possible. It is best if you refer to the default LGL Roles and Permissions document to describe what the new role should and should not be able to do.

Details of how permissions work with each role

A detailed listing of how permissions work with each role is available in this document.