How can I test a payment form without actually making a donation?

If you've created a payment form in LGL forms and you'd like to test the submission process without actually making a donation, please follow these 4 steps:

1. From your list of forms, click the View button to see your form. Then complete any required fields, including a payment amount. Click the Enter payment information button at the bottom of your form. You'll land on the payment page, but don’t enter any payment information. In other words, don't put in any real credit card information. Back out or close your browser window instead. 

Completing the fields in the form but stopping before completing the payment page causes the data to be created as an "unpaid" record in LGL forms. 

2. To view how the submitted data looks in LGL, click the Re-sync to LGL link in the Submissions tab for the applicable form in your LGL forms account. This pushes the form data over to LGL, even though the record has a status of "unpaid". 

NOTE: Only forms that have been "linked" to LGL will be visible in this view. Be sure to have set up the mapping for your form first!

3. You can now view the submission in your LGL account, within the "Unsaved" submissions in the Forms > Submission Queue.

4. You can also test what the Confirmation Email will look like from an incomplete submission. In your LGL forms account, go to your Submission Queue and click the "Send confirmation test" link next to the unpaid transaction to send yourself a copy of what the confirmation email would have looked like had the submission actually gone through as a paid submission.