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How do I build a payment form?

Building a payment form in LGL Forms is just like building a regular form, with the exception that it will contain one or more "Amount" fields.

To add the "Amount" field to a form, simply change the Form Type in the Form Settings box:

NOTE: To see the Donation/Payment option, you will need to have activated payments in LGL Forms, via either Stripe or PayPal (or ProPay, available upon request).

You can also change this configuration at any time by editing your form and clicking the radio button of your choice.

NOTE: Any currency amount you use in a form's "Amount" field will automatically display with commas in this configuration: 1,000, 10,000, and so on.

Can forms accept recurring payments?

Every donation/payment form has recurring options that are enabled by default. This means that your donation/payment amount field will include a Donation Schedule field, to determine the recurring schedule:

Changing recurring payment options

You can change the options by editing the "Amount" field in your form

  • Main Label: The "amount" label
  • Recurring Label: The label of the recurring schedule field
  • Amount Preferences: One of these options can be chosen
  • Only suggested amounts?: Don't allow the user to use a custom amount
  • Only custom amount?: Only show a custom amount
  • Show both?: Show both suggested and custom amount option
  • Enable Recurring: Disable recurring altogether on this form (the recurring label and menu won't show at all)
  • Allow end date?: Allow the user to select an end date for the recurring payment

  • Suggested Amounts: For any of the suggested amount options, you can set choices the user can select from for  one-time donations. The option to pre-select a recurring interval for a suggested amount is also available.

  • Set Field Limits: Within the available options as you're editing the "Amount" field, in the bottom part of that window you'll see a section called "Set Field Limits". This is where you can set an inventory or limit for the number of items you have available.

When will recurring payments take place?

Recurring charges occur based on the date of the original donation.

  • Weekly and bi-weekly: Based on the day of the week
  • Monthly and quarterly: Based on the date (i.e., the 10th, 15th, etc.) of the original donation. If after the 28th, subsequent payments occur on the 28th
  • Annually: Based on original donation date

Disabling recurring payments

You can fully disable recurring payments for a form by clicking the Disable Recurring button in Form Settings:

As the note for that button describes, you should do this if you need to capture multiple amounts (e.g., ticket sales and an additional donation). Otherwise, if recurring donations are enabled, there is a limit of one "Amount" field per form. 

If you need to re-enable recurring payments, you can do so at any time.

Can I set a minimum donation amount?

To set a minimum donation amount on your payment/donation form, enter a minimum donation amount in the Minimum Amount box:

Can I allow donors to increase their donation to offset payment processing fees?

LGL Forms offers an option to let donors add 3% to their donation to help cover processing fees. When the donor selects this option, 3% of their gift will be added to their total gift amount. 

Here’s how this works: If the donor plans to give $100 and then checks the box for 3% they will be making a charitable gift of $103 to your organization because the donor has agreed to increase the amount of their gift by 3%. 

The 3% may not cover the fees completely or exactly because the total rate can vary by the credit card type being used and the payment processor you have selected. 

Here is the box you can check to add this option to your form:

When you add this field to your form, the standardized language of "Add 3% to my total amount to help cover the payment processing fees" will appear in the form field. The text is editable, so you can update the phrasing if you prefer. The amount of 3% is not editable, however. 

Mapping the form

When you are mapping your form, you will be able to map either the Amount field or Payment Total field to the Gift Amount field as you normally would. The 3% will be incorporated into the gift amount automatically. 

Is it possible or necessary to separate out the 3% when recording gifts?

No, there is no option to separate out the processing fees when you are recording gifts, and it is not necessary. If a donor chooses to increase their gift by 3% they are simply agreeing to increase their gift. Let's say they selected the $100 amount and selected the 3% option. Their gift increased from $100 to $103. In Little Green Light, their gift should be recorded in the "Amount" field as $103, and they should be acknowledged for that amount as well. 

NOTE: If you're setting the deductible amount in your form's Amount field, do not offer the chance to increase the gift amount by 3%. Doing so would cause the gift amount to be inaccurate because the deductible amount is fixed and doesn't adjust with the 3% addition.