How can I contact LGL when I need help?

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We know that you work hard each day to make the world a better place.

Little Green Light is here to help make your job easier. Our Knowledge Base is chock-full of answers to questions and step-by-step instructions on using the product. When you can’t find your answer there, our team is available to help. With years of experience in web-based software, business development, and, most importantly, real-world fundraising, we work hard every day to make your job easier.

How to contact LGL when you need help

NOTE: For security reasons, only those who are active users in an LGL account are eligible to receive support using that account.

When you need help with a question or situation not covered in our Knowledge Base, please click Help in the upper-right corner of any page in your LGL account. 

Then submit your written question via the "Submit a help request" form. 

Contacting LGL through the help form lets us help you effectively and efficiently. Here’s why:

  • Our support team immediately sees which account your question is in regard to and that you have access to it. This means we can focus on your question right away, rather than taking the time to verify those things.
  • Submitting the form creates a written record of your issue and its resolution for your future reference and ours, which can be beneficial when you’re in a hurry and need to remember how to handle something you or a person on your team may have asked about previously.
  • Multiple members of our team can look at your help request together in order to understand the problem and determine the best steps to resolve it. We want you to receive the best assistance we can offer, and sometimes two heads are better than one!

Tips on submitting your help request

You can help expedite your request by providing specifics:

  • Need help with a report? Tell us the name of the report and describe the issue.
  • Having trouble building a search? Send us a link to the search you’re working on and tell us how the results are different from what you expected.
  • Stuck on a mailing or email? Click into it, send us the link to that page, and let us know what’s not working.

Pointing out specific examples allows our team to dive right into finding a solution for you!

Is a phone call possible?

In our many years of experience helping customers use LGL, we have found that email is the most efficient and effective way to communicate. Although we do not provide 1:1 phone support, we do offer live webinar Q & A sessions every week where we work through questions (submitted ahead of time) in a demonstration account. This is a great opportunity to watch an expert show you how things are done. You can find and register for these sessions on the Help page in your account. 

Our commitment

Whether your organization has a big budget or operates on a shoestring, you deserve access to an excellent and affordable donor management system. We want you to be proficient and comfortable using LGL, and we are committed to helping you as you support your organization’s mission.

Important note about active users

An "active user" in an LGL account is defined as an active team member with a valid email address assigned to their user profile. If you are not an "active user" in the LGL account you are working in, you can ask to be added by any team member in your account who has Administrator-level permissions.