Add constituents to Constant Contact Lists

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IMPORTANT NOTE: To be able to add constituents to your Constant Contact account from LGL, you must first set up the integration between the two systems. Find more information about how to do that here.

Create a Constant Contact List in LGL

Once the integration has been set up, you can start syncing your LGL constituent data to your Constant Contact account. To begin, you'll need to create a Constant Contact List in LGL. To do so, go to the Settings > Integration settings > Constant Contact Integration page in your LGL account and click the Add a Constant Contact List button:

You'll then be prompted to add a name for your Constant Contact List and then save it. For example, you might create a list named "General News", which will appear in your Constant Contact account with the name "LGL: General News".

NOTE: Using an ampersand (&) in your Constant Contact List name will cause an error. Please use "and" instead of "&" in any Constant Contact List name.

You can create as many Constant Contact Lists in LGL as you'd like and add constituents to one or more Constant Contact Lists as needed via LGL.

Once a Constant Contact List has been created in LGL, you can start adding constituents to that Constant Contact List, and LGL will push them to your Constant Contact account automatically each night. If you wish, you can choose to manually push a specific Constant Contact List to Constant Contact by going to the Constant Contact Integration settings area in your LGL account and then the Lists tab:

Please note that it is not possible via this integration to pull records from Constant Contact into LGL, so you will need to add constituents to your Constant Contact Lists from within your LGL account. The only time information about records gets pulled into LGL from Constant Contact is when an email address is undeliverable or if the recipient unsubscribes via Constant Contact.

Add constituents to your Constant Contact List(s)

You can add constituents individually or in bulk to your LGL-managed Constant Contact Lists.

Add a single constituent to a Constant Contact List or Lists

You can add an LGL constituent to one or more Constant Contact Lists when either first adding them to LGL or by editing an existing record.

When adding a new constituent to LGL using the Short form, expand the Set category information section and select the Constant Contact Lists you want to assign to that constituent:

Constant Contact list assignment is also possible when editing an existing constituent record on the All Constituents page. Just hover over the Constant Contact field in the Categories section and an Add or Edit option will appear:

Click the Add/Edit link and check the list or lists you'd like to assign to the constituent, then click Save:

Add multiple constituents to a Constant Contact List or Lists

If you want to add multiple constituents to a Constant Contact List. To do this, go to Constituents > All Constituents and do the following: 

Search for the constituents you want to add to Constant Contact and click the Search button. Next, click the Select (#) button to choose all of the records that you want to update. Once you've done that, the More Actions button option will appear:

Click Bulk Edit, and then click Update Constant Contact

You'll be taken through a bulk category editing process, during which you can add these constituents to one or more of your Constant Contact Lists:

Select the lists you want to update, click Next, and then click Save.

Once you save these changes, all of the constituents you've chosen to update will be added to the selected Constant Contact Lists.

NOTE: Constituents that do not have a valid email address or any other exclusion criteria (e.g., they are deceased, are set as "Do not email", or have previously unsubscribed from Constant Contact) will not be added to a Constant Contact List in the bulk update.

In summary, here's an illustration of the basic flow of information between LGL and Constant Contact.