How do I add additional team members or remove a team member?

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Every Little Green Light account allows unlimited team members, or users, so you can add as many as you need. You can assign each user to a role depending on what level of permissions you want that team member to have. 

Important: Please make sure you use a unique and valid email address for each team member you add to your LGL account. We highly discourage the use of a generic email address (such as by multiple or sequential team members because this can result in problems logging in and other issues.

Adding a new user

To add new users, go to your Home tab and click Team Members in the subnavigation bar:


From there, complete new user form:


After you complete this form and save it, you will have an option to send an email to the user inviting them to set up their password and log in. 

Important: The verification link will expire in 14 days. So once your new team member has been invited, please remind them to log in and set up their user name and password as soon as possible.

Read more about LGL team member roles and permission levels.

Mark billing contacts

You can set which Administrators you want to serve as billing contacts in your account. These designees will receive updates about invoices and payments.

Inactivating a user

When a team member leaves your organization and you want to remove them as an LGL user but preserve the changes they've added or updated in your data, go to the user's profile and uncheck the "Is active?" check box. This will prevent that person from accessing your account.


Inactive users will no longer appear on your list of Active users, but they will be listed on the Inactive tab:

If you need to re-activate an inactive user, you can click on the Inactive tab and click Actions --> Edit User next to the user's name. Then check the box next to "Is active?".

Deleting versus inactivating a user

It is possible to completely delete a user, but if you do that the information tracking their past activities will be lost. Their actions won't disappear, but the tagging with their user name in updates they made will be deleted. For that reason, if you are removing a user who has been active, we recommend using the Edit feature to uncheck the 'Is active?' button on their team member page rather than deleting the user altogether.

If you do need to delete a user altogether, such as someone you added by mistake, you can do that from the menu that opens when you click the Actions button:

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