Compare your import file to a sample version

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Why compare your import spreadsheet to the sample import file?

We think it's helpful to look at a sample file as you prepare your import spreadsheet. Though data comes in all shapes and sizes and it wouldn't be possible for a single template to work for everyone who imports data into LGL, the sample file gives you a reference point for how to form your columns and what data should go in them. It also includes helpful notes that share how to handle certain field types.

Note: This file is not meant to be uploaded into your account as is. In addition, the notes in the spreadsheet are not relevant to any file you would upload personally. The purpose of the sample file is to give you a good idea of how your data might look in an import-ready state.

Using the sample import file

Please click the link below to download the sample file. 

Notice that the file contains two worksheets (or tabs). Keep in mind that when you upload your import file using the Flex Importer, only the data in the first worksheet will be uploaded. If your import spreadsheet contains two worksheets, upload the first one first. Then, in Excel, move the data from the second worksheet into the first worksheet, and upload again.

Sample upload file (2 sheets)

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