Manage your LGL Forms Submission Queue

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What is the LGL Forms Submission Queue?

The LGL Forms Submission Queue is a review step where you can look over the records that have been submitted through your form/s and take a variety of actions on them, either bringing them into your data by clicking the Save button, or not, by clicking the Reject button.

If you prefer not to review your form submission records at this step, it is possible to bypass it by going to the “Record saving/updating preferences” in the Integration options for your form and unchecking the “Require review before saving” box:

NOTE: We recommend unchecking the “Require review before saving” box only if your form has been thoroughly tested and you are certain the mapping works as expected in all scenarios.

Managing your submissions

When you are ready to process your LGL form submissions, go to LGL Forms > Submission Queue within your LGL account and take a look at your form submissions.

Viewing or editing the submission records

When a submission record is brought into the Submission Queue, it is displayed in a condensed form to allow you to see more records per page. You can expand a submission record to see all of the data contained within it by clicking the Show full record(s) button:

If needed, you can also make changes to the data itself before it is brought into LGL, by clicking the Edit source record button:

NOTE: Any changes you make here will not be made to the record as it exists in LGL Forms. But the data added to your LGL database will contain the changes you make at this step.

"New" and "Updated" tags

For constituents that LGL doesn’t find a match for (based on the matching options you selected for your form), the record status will be tagged with a “New” tag. For those where a match exists, an “Update” tag is added. Please see the items boxed in red below:

What if the constituent exists in your database but a match wasn’t found?

In cases where a record is tagged as "New" but you believe the constituent already exists in your account and a match wasn’t found, you have the option to search for that constituent using the Set constituent button:

Processing your submissions

For those records that you are confident contain the correct data, you can click the Save button to bring that data into your database. For those that do not contain the correct data, click the Reject button.

You also have the option to take bulk actions on your submissions, saving or rejecting some or all of them, by using the Bulk actions options:

NOTE: When using the Bulk actions option to save submissions, the record status will be set to pending until the save is complete. The bulk save process can take up to 30 minutes for the data to completely save.

Searching for a specific submission

It’s possible to search for a particular form submission by using the name/email lookup field. To use this field, type the constituent name or email address and click the Search button: