Offer discounted prices in a form

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While the primary purpose of LGL Forms is to help you collect online donations and build a recurring gift program, many of our customers also manage ticket sales or event registration fees using forms. Some organizations also provide discount codes for registration/tickets and want to offer the option for registrants to apply the code in their event registration form to receive a discount on the cost.

While LGL Forms does not offer the ability for a discount code to be applied to a total dollar amount in a form, it is possible to set up a form that uses a simple discount code scenario, where the discounted pricing is displayed when the form user supplies the correct discount or promo code.

How it works

Setting up a form to offer a set of discount options requires:

  1. Adding a promo or discount field (using a "Single-line input" field), with a display rule set to equal the name of the code
  2. Creating multiple copies of your form’s "Amount" field, with one set of discounted amounts listed in each, and then
  3. Using display rules to determine when to show which set

NOTE: If you place a display rule on a form field that is set to "Required", if that field is hidden by the display rule it will no longer be required to be completed in order for the form to be submitted.

By default, the general/non-discount field will display in the form. When one of the codes is typed into the applicable field, that field will disappear and be replaced by the appropriate discount field.

While it’s your choice how many levels of discount to offer, we recommend only one or two. The fields and mapping required to set up the discounted pricing will quickly become difficult to navigate and manage for a higher number of discount levels.

NOTE: LGL Forms does not offer the ability to be based on “this condition OR that condition” simultaneously because a display rule for a field can be based only on input from a single field. An example of a single input type is the answer to the request, “Please type your promo code here”.

Example: Offer discounted prices for event tickets

To build a single set of discount prices into your event registration form, follow these instructions.

  1. Build your event registration form, including a "Single-line input" field where users can input their promo or discount code.
  2. Add an "Amount" field for each set of prices, discounted and full rate, that you are offering. This screenshot shows an example of how this should look.
  3. NOTE: In your form, you won’t want to provide the promo code that will unlock the discount prices. We have provided this here as an informational aid to share the discount code with you so that you can test that the form is working.

  4. Add display rules to the full price "Amount" field to prevent the discount prices from displaying if your registrant doesn’t add a promo code:
  5. Do the same for the discounted price "Amount" field, but cause it to display when the promo code is added:
  6. NOTE: Remember to click the Save & publish button when you’re done editing your form:

  7. In your form mapping, create one gift record for each Amount field. 1: Map the amount with discount (the discounted item) to gift record #1, and 2: Map the amount (the full price) to gift record #2.

NOTE: When your fields are all mapped, remember to click the Save & Finish button:

Now you have a form that will display a discounted set of prices when your donor types the correct promo code of “50off” into the Promo code field: