Reporting on relationships

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Export all relationships to CSV

If you want to see all constituents who are related to the constituents in your export, you can select the "Relationships" report template, which provides complete relationship data in individual columns:

You can find constituents with specific types of relationships to other constituents. This can be helpful for finding people who are employees of companies, for example:

The Advanced Search functionality lets you search on either direction of the relationship, from or to, to narrow down your search.

Include relationship data in a report

Often you'll want to see the constituents you search for, and the people who are related to them, included in the same report. You can use the report column "multiple relationships" to achieve this:

You can then customize the relationship fields you want in your export, and make sure to set the Count option to an appropriate number. If you leave this setting on "1" you'll see only a single relationship included in your report.

NOTE: For complete instructions on building custom reports, please see Generating custom reports from the Constituents or Fundraising tab