Perform a radius search

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Activate Address Verification in your account

Before you can perform a radius search, your account will need to be activated to use Address Verification. You can activate it or make sure it is activated by going to Settings > Integration Settings > Address Verification and clicking the "Activate Address Verification?" checkbox, as shown here.

A radius search allows you to search among the addresses in your database for those that lie within the radius of a geographic region. It is possible to search the radius (up to 100 miles) of a city, state, or Zip code.

To perform the radius search, go to your Constituents tab. In the Advanced Search area at the top of the page, search on "City, State, or ZIP/Postal code". Then select the number of miles you want to search within, type the city, state, and Zip code, and click the Search button.

This brief video demonstrates how to perform the radius search: