Clean your addresses by using Address Verification in LGL

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Ever wish you could check a box to standardize all your addresses to correct state abbreviations, add ZIP+4, or put those missing leading zeros back? Maybe you wish you could type in the street and ZIP Code information and get a full address nicely populated (not to mention CASS certified) within LGL? Now you can do either or both (powered by SmartyStreets).

NOTE: Address Verification does not handle non-U.S. addresses.

This article walks you through the steps required to turn on Address Verification in your LGL account.

Go to the Integration Settings page

Navigate to the Integrations Settings page (Settings > Integration Settings). From here, click on the Address Verification option in the
Provided by LGL box at the top left of the page. Then follow these steps:

  • Click the Activate Address Verification button.
  • Enable automatic updates to your addresses if desired. With this option enabled, LGL will work its way through all your existing data and update/clean/verify any unambiguous and verifiable addresses.

    NOTE: Address Verification will verify only the "preferred" address for a constituent. Keep in mind, this process occurs gradually rather than all at once and can typically take 24 hours or longer to complete, depending on the amount of data in your account. 

If you want to do a search to see only the constituents who have addresses that have been verified already, you can add the search term "Address is verified?" and set the operator to "Yes" as shown below:

If you want to search for constituents whose addresses have not been verified, you can change "Yes" to "No".

Start verifying your addresses during data entry

You can get access to the verification tools whenever you add or edit a constituent mailing address:

You can type in the full address with information in each field, and then click the Verify button to check its accuracy/validity.

Alternatively, you can just type all the information into the "Street". Address Verification (powered by SmartyStreets) really is smart and does a great job parsing that into a real address and transforming something like this:

...into this:

If you don't like the results, you can click Undo and LGL will put everything back the way it was.

What if you get ambiguous results?

Sometimes it's not possible to identify the exact address, and more than one address is returned. In these cases, you can pick the right one or keep what you have.

What if you get no results?

If you are dealing with a U.S. address and get no results, it may be an invalid/non-deliverable address. You can still keep it and save it to LGL without a problem if you know that it is valid.

Exclude one or more addresses from being verified

Exclude a single address

It is possible to prevent one or more addresses from being verified by marking the "Exclude from verification" checkbox for that address, as shown here:

Exclude multiple addresses

You can also import the “Exclude from verification” condition for an address through the Flex Importer by mapping a corresponding column from your spreadsheet to the “Exclude from verification" field, as shown below. 

NOTE: The values in your spreadsheet column will need to contain “Yes” in order for you to be able to map to this field.