Working with stewards

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What is a steward?

A steward, or solicitor, is a team member in your Little Green Light account who is assigned to a constituent for the purpose of being the primary manager of your organization's relationship with that constituent.

As a team member, a steward can be uniquely identified by their email address.

Adding a steward to LGL

For someone to be assigned as a steward to one or more of your constituents in LGL, they must be a team member, or user, in your account.

You may or may not want those who are officially stewarding your donors to have access to your LGL database. Many LGL users don’t invite stewards to log in or give them access, and, luckily, assigning someone to be a team member in your account doesn't require giving that person access to your database. But in order to be able to track the steward in the constituent’s record and in interactions with them, they need to have a team member profile that contains a valid name and email address, and they need to have logged into LGL.

To set someone up as a steward who is not going to log into your account, add them as a team member but do not send an invitation for them to log in. To make sure you are not sending the login invitation when you create the new team member, uncheck the "Send an invitation" option and then click the Save button.

This way, the person can be assigned as a steward but will not be able to log into your database.

Once the team member has been added, their name will appear on the list of stewards within the constituent or gift record.

Assigning a steward to a constituent

To assign a steward to a constituent, edit the constituent's record and, in the Related Information section, hover your cursor under the Stewards area and click Add. Here you can select the team member who will serve as steward for this constituent and also save your selection.

Updating stewards in bulk

You can also bulk change who is a steward.

Making a steward inactive

If you eventually want to change or remove the steward but not remove the stewardship data that was entered, you can do so by making the steward an inactive user.

Notifying stewards about activity relating to their assigned constituents

If you want stewards you have assigned to constituents to be notified whenever a gift from them is entered into LGL, please follow these instructions:

1. Enable the ability to send notifications of new gifts to selected team members by checking the "Allow the ability to send notifications of new gifts to selected team members?" box:

2. Check the "Automatically select the constituent's steward for gift notifications?" box to enable the notification for stewards feature:

Searching for and reporting on stewardship data

Any team member in your LGL account can be assigned as a steward. Once constituents are assigned, you'll be able to search in LGL for any constituent who is assigned to a specific steward:

This enables you to send mail specifically to that steward's contacts, or run a report on constituents assigned to a particular steward. You might want to provide a steward with a list of their contacts who recently made a gift so that the steward can make thank-you phone calls.

You can also search in the Fundraising tab to see how much money has been raised from constituents assigned to a particular steward: