How do I issue a refund for a donation made through an LGL form?

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Little Green Light does not track refunds. If a donor made an accidental gift and requests a refund of the money charged to their credit card, any gift record that had been created in LGL to track that gift should be deleted. If you want to add information about the circumstances of the situation, you can do so by adding a note to the gift in LGL and explaining the situation within the note.

All refunds for a donation or payment made through an LGL form must be done through the payment provider that was used to process payments for that form. Here is how you can contact them.

Refunding through Stripe

Read instructions on how to issue the refund, or contact Stripe directly.

Refunding through ProPay

Log into your ProPay account and issue a refund to the donor from there.

Refunding through PayPal

View instructions for issuing refunds through PayPal.