Mapping tribute gifts

Required fields

To import a gift and connect it to a tribute, the minimum fields to include are:

  • Constituent first name
  • Constituent last name
  • Gift date
  • Gift amount
  • Tribute Name - The name of the tribute (for example, “Honorary - General”; or, in the case of a named tribute, the actual tribute name, such as “John Doe Memorial.”) 
    NOTE: A named tribute must exist in LGL before gifts can be imported into it. Tributes that are not named tributes may be entered as “Honorary - General” or “Memorial - General”.

Special fields

You can also import the following fields to set notifications for the gift (a notification to a family member, for example):

  • Tribute Dedication - The tribute dedication note/text for a gift
  • Tribute Hon./Mem. Name - The name of the honoree/deceased
  • Tribute Recipient Name - The name of the person receiving notification about the tribute
  • Tribute Recipient Salutation - The salutation for the notification recipient
  • Tribute Recipient Email - The email for the notification recipient
  • Tribute Recipient Address - The mailing address of the notification recipient
  • Tribute Notification Template - The tribute notification template to be used  
    NOTE: The name of this notification template must exactly match (character for character) the name of an existing tribute notification template in your account.

Example: Tribute data only

To import just the basics, include the fields needed for the gift itself (donor/constituent, amount, date), and then associate that gift with a tribute, either using the “General” tribute name or a named tribute.

Import files

General tribute example

Importing this data will assign the tribute to the gift and connect the gift to a tribute (in this case, to the “Honorary - General” tribute).

Alternatively, instead of assigning the gift to the “General” tribute, you could connect the gift to a named tribute as shown here:

Named tribute example

Field mapping

Record Preview


These two fields names sound similar, but they are not:

  • Tribute Name
  • Tribute Hon./Mem. Name

Tribute Name is the name of a tribute that you’re tracking. Every account includes two default tribute names: "Honorary - General" and "Memorial - General". Those are the ones to use if you aren’t expecting many gifts for the honoree/deceased. Over time, these "General" tributes will accrue many gifts, representing many different honorees or deceased individuals.

Tribute Hon./Mem. Name is the name of the actual person who’s being honored or memorialized. In the case of a named tribute, this name is apt to be exactly the same as the tribute name. But in the case of a General tribute, the Tribute Hon./Mem. Name field is how you can identify the exact person being honored (which can then be pulled into the acknowledgment to the donor and into the notification to a family member).

Example: Tribute plus recipients, notifications, and dedication

Information for one person to notify (i.e., the recipient) can be imported with the tribute information for a gift.  

Import file

NOTE: Click on the screenshot to see a larger version.

Import file column heading titles include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gift amount
  • Date
  • Tribute Name
  • Tribute Hon./Mem. Name
  • Tribute Dedication
  • Tribute Recipient Name
  • Tribute Recipient Salutation
  • Tribute Recipient Email
  • Tribute Recipient Address
  • Tribute Notification Template

To set the notification mailing/email, a notification template must be part of the import (either as a column in your import file or by setting a default value using the “Add rule” function). IMPORTANT NOTE: The characters of the notification template name must match exactly to the name of an existing notification template in your account.

Field mapping

Record preview