Enable automatic address deduplication

If you have Address Verification turned on in your account, all addresses in your database are being automatically normalized on an ongoing basis.

However, this can sometimes lead to the problem of duplicate addresses being added to your account when, for example, an address is normalized and the same donor’s recurring gift data later comes in with the address in a slightly different format, causing there to be two of the same address for one constituent.

A great solution to this problem is to turn on Address Deduplication in combination with Address Verification.

This causes your addresses to not only be normalized but also to be automatically deduplicated in the following ways:

  • Whenever street, city, state, and zip all match, those addresses will automatically be deduplicated
  • Addresses including only city and state will be merged

The ideal scenario when you’re using Address Verification is to also turn on Address Deduplication. This allows all addresses within a given constituent record to be normalized so that they match exactly and are then deduped as well. When the feature is enabled, the process happens continually in the background. 

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