Basic Training: Constituents 101 (58:40)

This hour-long webinar is the first part of our 3-session Basic Training series and reviews Basic Constituent Management. Presented by Hunter Williams.

Presentation slides

Assessment with answer key (see what you've learned)

Key topics and start times in the recording

Topic covered Video start time
2 types of constituent records 0:48
Managing household data in LGL 1:51
Poll: how do you manage couples in your database? 8:21
Demo: How to add a new constituent record 11:13
Settings for Salutation and Addressee fields 15:28
Using Constituent Categories
Customizing Constituent Categories 32:18
Customize order and display for categories 36:12
Bulk update category data on constituent records 38:57
Basic Constituent Search Options 43:04
Creating Constituent Lists 47:40
Q&A 53:44