Basic Training: Reporting 101 (Parts 5 & 6)

Handouts (both handouts span both sessions)

  1. Webinar slide deck
  2. Assessment (see what you've learned)

This fifth episode in our 6-part Basic Training series reviews how to use the built-in reports in Little Green Light. 

Part 5: Reporting 101: Using LGL's Built-in Reports

Key topics and start times in the recording

Topic covered Approx. video start time
Poll: Experience level with donor reporting 1:50
Dashboard 5:35
Fundraising Views 22:45
Pre-built reports                                         29:25
Q&A 52:35

This sixth and final session in our 6-part Basic Training webinar series reviews how to create custom reports in LGL. (NOTE: this is the recording from March 2024. May's session had some audio difficulties.)

Part 6: Reporting 101: Creating Custom Reports

Topic covered Approx. video start time
LGL's report builder   1:45
Demo: Last year's donors and their last gift   4:01
Common search fields 21:33
Total Giving and Gifts (key reporting fields) 23:05
Group poll wrt which reports to demo 42:32
Demo: Top Donors past 3 years 43:50
Demo: Lybunt 53:43