Mapping contact report fields

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are exporting contact report data and re-importing it in order to bulk update it, make sure you include the LGL Constituent ID and the LGL Contact Rpt ID in your export. When re-importing, ensure that you set up mappings for these fields so that the bulk change you are making will occur in the correct constituent and contact report records.

Required fields

For a contact report to be created, the Details field (labeled below for mapping as "Contact rpt. text") must be completed.

Special fields

None available.

Example showing how to map contact report fields

Please refer to the example below to see how to format your data. Follow the mapping shown in the corresponding screenshots as you're mapping your own fields in the Flex Importer.

Import file

NOTE: For the team member field to be mappable to the team member name, the two names needs to match exactly. Refer to your Team Members page to find the correct spelling of each team member's name.

Field mapping

Record Preview