Tracking emergency contact information

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2 options for collecting emergency contact data

Little Green Light does not offer fields within the constituent record that are specifically designed to track emergency information. However, you can still track this information in two different ways, by using:

  • A note, or
  • A custom field

Using a note

The best practice for using a note to track your emergency contacts is to first create a note type. You can then to create your note, assign the note type, add your emergency contact information to the note, and then save the note. This will allow you to track your emergency contacts so that you can search for them and report on them.

NOTE: If you want to be able to track multiple people in a particular sequential order, in terms of which order to contact people in, a note works well.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Go to Settings > Menu items > Other menu items, and add your “Emergency contact” note type:
  2. Now you can use the free text of the note field to record the information in the constituent record and assign your “Emergency contact” note type:

Using a custom field

The other option to consider is the creation of limited custom fields within the General Information section of the constituent record. Our tech team will add the below specific fields for you, if you contact LGL Support with your request:

  1. Emergency contact name
  2. Emergency contact number
  3. Emergency contact email

NOTE: These custom fields are fixed, and no customized or additional fields will be added.