Set your default gift type filters and customize Giving Status definitions

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Default gift type filters

When you run a Constituent search and include gift-related fields in your search, such as Gift Date or Gift Amount, LGL automatically adds a Gift Type field to your search. We do this because it’s important that you know which gift types are included in your gift-related searches.

Your default gift types are also used for each of the Giving Status tags that LGL applies (see below for more on Giving Status tags).

You can choose which gift types should be included by default in Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings:

The recommended gift types to include are gift, pledge, soft credit, in kind, and matching. Collectively these represent what we consider a constituent's “total value” in terms of philanthropy, and these are the gift types included in the Total Value line on the giving summary in a constituent record. For more on the Giving Summary in a constituent record, see

Customizing Giving Status definitions

Your Little Green Light account automatically tags your constituents with a number of Giving Status attributes. You’ll see these Giving Status tags listed at the top of the filter list on the left side of the Constituents tab and in the Giving Summary section in the upper right corner of constituent records. They can also be searched and exported.

You can customize the criteria LGL uses to apply these tags in Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings.

Here are the options you can set for each Giving Status:

Top Donors

  • Count: How many donors do you want to classify as top donors? The default value is 100, but you can set it to any number you like.
  • Constituent Type: You can set your top donors to be limited to Individual constituents, or to Organization constituents, or both.

New Donors

  • You can define how far back a donor’s first gift can be and still be tagged as a new donor. The default value is 90 days.

Lapsed Donors

  • You can define at what point you want to designate a donor as being lapsed. The default value is 18 months, meaning donors whose most recent gift is 18 or more months ago will be tagged as lapsed.

Consecutive Years Giving

  • Year type: If your fiscal year has a start date other than January 1, you can choose to base consecutive years of giving on fiscal years vs calendar years.
  • Require current year? If you are in the early part of a year you might not want to require current year, because if you did you would have rather few consecutive year donors. For an extreme example, if it was January 2, you might show zero consecutive year donors.
  • Campaigns: You can restrict the gifts used in the consecutive year calculation by the Campaigns you choose.
  • Funds: You can restrict the gifts used in the consecutive year calculation by the Funds you choose.
  • Total giving (annually): If you set this field, then the consecutive years giving calculation will be based on donors who have given at least that amount each year.

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