Create or update an import template

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What is an import template?

An import template is a saved version of the set of fields you select and map for an import.

The import template can be useful when you are importing the same or a similar set of data on multiple occasions over time and you want to load in the mappings from a previous import with the click of a button.

An import template is automatically generated for each import in your account, with the name of your import spreadsheet as the template name. Once your import mappings are in place, the template becomes available and is accessible from the Flex Importer page.

Update an import template

You can access or update the template by clicking the Save/update template button for your import, as shown here:

You can rename the template if you choose, and if you want to replace an existing template with this one you can select that template from within the Add or update template dropdown menu:

Select a template for a new import

To select an existing template for a new import, within the Map fields section of your import you can select the template you want to use, as shown here: