Build an LGL form that collects in-kind gifts

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Build your form

To set up an in-kind donation form in LGL Forms, you'll need to set up the form as a non-payment form rather than a donation form. 

For the "Amount" field, you can use the short text (single-line input) field. You can use the long text (multi-line input) field for the in-kind gift description. 

Here is an example of how the form could be set up:

Set up the field mappings for your form

In the form's integration (mapping), you can map the "Retail Value" field to the “Gift amount” field and the in-kind gift description ("Please describe donation in as much detail as possible") to the “Gift note” field:

Since you are using this non-payment form to accept in-kind gifts (with a value of $0), the best way to capture this data will be to set up two defaults in your mapping. To do this, click Add default within your gift mapping, and then add these defaults:

  • One for "Gift type" to be set to "In Kind"
  • The second for "Gift amount" to be set to 0 (don't include a dollar sign; just enter “0” as the Default Value) 

Here's what that looks like:

You can continue adding defaults to assign the appropriate campaign, fund, etc. as applicable. 

When you are finished working on your mapping, be sure you click Save & finish before navigating away from the page.