What event registration options are compatible with LGL?

Little Green Light does not offer public-facing event registration, but there are a few options to consider if you want to offer event registration using available functionality:

1. With LGL Forms, you can build HTML web forms to collect information, including event registrations with payment. You can set up your event in LGL and then build your form to capture the registrations, and link the two together. This saves you time because you won't need to manually enter all of these registrations into your database.

More information about LGL Forms can be found here. For very complex registrations, this may not be the right choice, but for most cases it works quite well.

2. You can also use Wufoo forms to collect info and have that sync into LGL. This option is a bit more complicated than using LGL Forms, but it can work well if you prefer building the forms in Wufoo or already have a Wufoo account.

3. You can accept event registrations through a separate event registration system, such as Constant Contact or Event Brite. As long as you can export your event data into an Excel format, you'll then be able to import that data into LGL using the Flex Importer.

In all three cases, you can customize the event in LGL to track custom data such as guest names, meal selections, sponsorship levels, or T-shirt sizes. You will then be able to use this event data in reporting and/or searches in LGL.