LGL policy on customer support for authorized users

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What is LGL’s policy on customer support for authorized LGL users?

In the interest of helping LGL customers improve their data security, Little Green Light has a policy wherein only authorized users (Team Members who can currently log in with their own credentials) will be provided with details related to troubleshooting issues in the account. These details include but are not limited to:

  • Links (URLs) to specific pages, searches, or sections of the organization’s LGL account
  • Screenshots of the organization’s LGL account

What is an authorized LGL user?

An authorized LGL user is an LGL Team Member who has set up their unique email address and password within the Team Members page.

NOTE: When a user (Team Member) is logged in, they should use the Help page in their LGL account to initiate a support request for which they wish to receive specific guidance for troubleshooting.

What if a LGL user is not authorized?

If a person emails LGL Support directly from an email address that is not connected to an LGL account, they will be asked to a) log into their account and b) use the Help page in that account to contact LGL Support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: LGL strongly recommends against sharing login credentials; each Team Member should use their own unique “name@organization.org” email account to log into their organization’s LGL account. There are no fees associated with additional users (Team Members) and simultaneous logins. 

Follow these steps to keep your Team Members roster secure

Account Administrators should regularly check the Team Members page to ensure that:

  • Each person who should be logging into their organization’s LGL account is set up with the correct credentials and role
  • No one is listed as a Team Member who should not be logging into the account

What to do when no one in your organization has access to your LGL account

In the event that no one currently at your organization has appropriate access to the organization’s LGL account, then the organization’s Board of Directors/Trustees can meet and authorize the addition/removal of Administrator-level users. The Board Secretary can complete this Form after a formal Board meeting and email a scanned copy to support@littlegreenlight.com. LGL will review the document and, if all is in order, take appropriate action.