Data security and using Little Green Light

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Security overview

Little Green Light's servers are hosted by industry leaders and are protected by firewalls, and all communications between servers and data centers are encrypted. You can read more about our security here

LGL has not experienced any data breaches, and we are always working to ensure our security measures are as robust and up to date as possible.

Security protocols to follow when using LGL

Most breaches result from individuals' computers or email accounts being compromised typically by spammers sending deceptive emails or texts that trick the user into clicking a link (which then installs malware on your computer/device allowing the spammers to access your personal and organization data). For this reason, we strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines to do the most you can to secure your data:

  1. Enable and manage 2-step verification by following these instructions
  2. Enable alerts for logins to your LGL account from different geographical locations by following these instructions
  3. Ensure everyone at your organization is running high-quality, current software
  4. Ensure everyone at your organization has malware checkers installed