Pricing for Little Green Light

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Pricing for Little Green Light comprises a single subscription fee based on the number of constituent records in your account. The pricing described below went into effect in March 2022 for new accounts and as late as March 2023 for older (preexisting) accounts. Prior to this, subscription fees for LGL did not change in more than ten years.

Besides the single subscription fee, there are no other fees charged by Little Green Light to use the product.

Subscription pricing

The opening tier covers up to 2,500 constituents and costs $45 per month. There are prepayment discounts for advance payments, with a 12-month prepayment giving you a 10% discount on the price. 

Here's the pricing table, with options for paying monthly or prepaying for 12 months.

Little Green Light subscription pricing

Number of constituents Price if paid monthly Price if prepaid for 12-months (-10%)
2,500 $45/mo. $486
5,000 $60 $648
10,000 $75 $810
20,000 $90 $972
30,000 $105 $1,134
40,000 $120 $1,296
50,000 $135 $1,458

Over 50,000 constituent records?

Add $15/mo. for each additional 10k tier. For example, for 100,000 constituents, add 5 x $15 ($75) on top of the 50,000 tier ($135/mo.), resulting in a monthly fee of $210. If you prepay for 12 months, the fee would be 12 x $210 minus 10% = $2,268. 

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