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Watch a short video about saved searches (begins at minute 2:15):

You can save a lot of time if you save your search ;). Thankfully, that's pretty easy to do. Anytime you find yourself working with a complex query that you might use again, it's probably a good idea to save it. You can always archive it or delete it later.

The examples here are for constituent searches, but the same concepts apply to gift, goal, contact report, task, volunteering, and note searches.

Save a search

To save any search, click on the Save this search button, give it a name, and click Save.


Load a saved search

Once you have saved a search, it will appear in a Saved Searches menu, where you can easily get to it with a single click:


Update a saved search

If you want to make a change to a saved search, navigate to the saved search on the Constituents > All constituents page:

Then click the Save this search button and then pick one of your previously saved searches from the -- Update existing-- menu:


Make your update to the search criteria. You can change the name of the search here as well. Then click "Save".

You can also make this change from Home > Saved searches:


Share a saved search

By default, your saved searches will be visible to you alone. However, you can share your searches with other users. For example, if I want to update "My saved search" to be visible to all administrators and fundraisers in my LGL account, I can load it and then save it, like so:


Shared searches will then be viewable in the Advanced search box, in the upper right corner:

Delete a saved search

You can delete a saved search by navigating to the Home tab and then to "Saved searches". Here you have the option to either delete the saved search or view or update it:


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