Gift entry: Soft credits and other related gifts

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Overview of related gifts

Soft credits and other related gifts show that a person is the primary reason a gift was given, even when they were not the actual donor. All related gifts are entered in the Related Gifts section of the gift entry form.

Common examples of related gifts include: 

  • Soft credit: To credit the individual behind a donation from a family foundation or donor-advised fund, or to credit a spouse
  • In honor of: To credit the honoree for gifts made in his or her honor
  • In memory of: To credit the deceased person who is being honored by a memorial gift
  • Matching: To credit the employee for a matching gift contributed by their employer (read more on working with Matching Gifts)

The fields displayed in the form can vary a bit, depending on whether the constituent who made the donation has relationships with other constituents.

In cases where a relationship is defined (for instance, between a constituent and their spouse or partner), you can select that person from a dropdown. Or, you can choose the Any constituent (find or add new) option to select any constituent in the database, or create a new one.

If you haven't defined any relationships for constituents, you can click on the Add related gift button and then select any constituent in the database or create a new one.

LGL also provides the ability to trigger automatic soft-crediting based on Relationship Type. This is most likely something you'll use if you have separate records for spouses and want to track their household giving on both spouse's records. Read about enabling soft credit by relationship type for more details.

A requirement for soft credit gift entry

When you have enabled soft crediting by relationship type, the Soft Credit "Amount" field automatically becomes a required field:

This means you must add an amount to that field before you will be able to save the gift. 

The error shown below will display if you try to save a gift with a required soft credit but the soft credit Amount field has not been filled in.

To be able to save the gift, you will need to add the soft credit amount to the Amount field in the Related gifts section of the gift entry form.

Example of how to enter an in-honor-of gift 

Say you receive a $100 contribution from William Fargo, contributed in honor of his friend Bill Clark. Here's how you would enter that gift:

  1. Using the gift entry form, enter the gift from the donor. The gift note can mention that this gift was made in honor of someone.
  2. In the Related Gifts section of the gift entry form, enter the “In Honor of” gift on behalf of Bill Clark (the honoree). This will show up on Bill Clark’s record as an “In Honor of” gift (a “related gift”), but it will not count toward actual giving totals; it helps steward Bill Clark's involvement and support of the organization by tracking what others do in his honor.

This graphic illustrates how to create the two gift entries for an in-honor-of gift:

Short video (with no audio) illustrating how to add an in-honor-of gift and the related gift.

In-memory-of gifts

In-memory-of related gifts work in the same way as above as in-honor-of related gifts, but you would choose a related gift type of In Memory.

Matching gifts

Please read about matching gifts in Matching gifts: Understanding and working with them in LGL.

You can search for gifts that contain related gift data by going to the Fundraising tab and searching on "Has related gift", as shown here:

Given that you can search on related gifts, you can also report on them, as described in the following example.

Example: Export soft credits on related gifts

In cases where you want to report on related gifts and the soft credits attached to them, it is possible to export this data. 

  1. First search for “Related gifts” in the Fundraising tab and choose the related gifts you want to see by related gift type: 
  2. Then export your results, including them as a report column by selecting the “Related Gifts” field, as shown here: 
  3. The Related Gifts field can then be further modified by using the custom options, accessible by clicking the "Customize" link within the Related Gifts report field:

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