Bulk gift entry

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Enter gifts in bulk

The Bulk Gift Entry form allows you to enter multiple gifts at a time in the same screen.

You can access the Bulk Gift page by clicking on the Fundraising tab and selecting Bulk gift entry from the dropdown menu:

You can also access it from the Dashboard, Fundraising tab, or any individual constituent record by clicking the Add gift button and selecting Bulk gift entry from the dropdown menu that opens:

To enter bulk gifts, in the top section of the Bulk Gift page set the default values for your batch of gifts. You will be able to override these defaults on any particular gift by clicking the Show additional fields button for that gift, but this will help speed up data entry. It is especially useful if the gifts are all coming from the same appeal or event and are designated for the same campaign or fund.

After you have entered gift data into the fields, you have the option to edit them when you click the Edit button for that gift:

Add membership data to bulk gifts

You also have the option to enter membership data for gifts when you are entering them in bulk. To see the membership options for bulk gift entry, first add the gift data to the bulk gift entry page. Then click the Save and add another button:

The Edit membership button displays. Click this button to add your membership data to the gift:

Now you can add the membership level, start and end dates (keep in mind that a start date is required for adding a membership), and a note, if applicable. Then click the Save button:

When you save your bulk gifts, the membership will be created as well.