Enable your LGL forms account to accept PayPal payments

To collect donations and other payments through LGL Forms, you need an integrated payment processing account with PayPal, ProPay, or Stripe. This article describes how to set up PayPal as your payment processor. Alternatively, you can read about setting up your payments through ProPay or Stripe.

Important notes about using PayPal

PayPal requires that you use a business account to set it up as a payment provider for LGL Forms. It is not possible to integrate a personal PayPal account with LGL Forms.

In addition, we recommend to anyone using PayPal only that it might be a good idea to add Stripe, and use both together (with Stripe as primary and PayPal as an option for PayPal users). The reason is that for non-PayPal users the experience with Stripe is smoother and better.

If you are collecting recurring gifts through your form using PayPal

To have the option to make a gift recurring, the donor must be a registered PayPal user and must be signed into their PayPal account when the donation is made. It is not possible to make a recurring donation when signed in as a guest user in PayPal.

It takes from 5 to 10 business days from when your account is enabled in LGL Forms to when PayPal enables what they call "Reference" transactions, which are needed for a recurring payment transaction to be successful. If your recurring payment is set up before the "Reference" transaction is enabled LGL forms will not capture the information needed to reprocess the payment each month. So be sure you set up your PayPal account to work with your LGL forms account at least 10 days before you plan to accept recurring donations through your form.

In this article:

LGL forms makes it easy to create and publish online donation forms (or forms that collect payment for other reasons, such as events, membership registration, or membership renewal). LGL forms is integrated with PayPal, a leading merchant account provider and payment processor.

If you want to collect online donations, you will first need to activate payments within your LGL forms account. To do this, go to the  Forms tab, navigate to the Admin tab, and select your location:

Enter your credit card information

The step of adding a credit card number and any accompanying billing information in the Admin tab is required to be able to collect payments through an LGL form. Payment transactions are processed at 1% of the transaction amount, billed retroactively on a monthly basis.

Create or link a PayPal account

Next, you'll be prompted to set up a payment processor account. Click the Set up PayPal button to proceed with setting up your PayPal account as your payment processor.

You can then either sign up for a PayPal account or sign into an account you already have.

Using PayPal in your forms

Once you've set up your LGL forms account to process payments via PayPal, you'll be able to set up donation/payment forms. If you have more than one payment processor integrated with your LGL forms account (such as Stripe or ProPay), then you'll be able to select which one you want to use for each form. 

In this screenshot, we've selected PayPal.

Using PayPal allows your donors to pay using their own PayPal account or via credit card through PayPal. They do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card, however.

Use both PayPal and Stripe together

If you would prefer to have your credit card payments processed by a provider other than PayPal, you can set Stripe or ProPay as the payment processor in a form and still add a PayPal option for your donors who would prefer to pay via PayPal. To do this, select Stripe or ProPay as the payment account you want to use (they'll need to be activated in your forms account first), and then check the second checkbox box shown in the screenshot below to enable PayPal.

What your donors will experience

Donors who complete the first page of your PayPal-enabled form and then click Submit to go to the payment page will see a page that looks something like what is shown below, if you've set up your form to use Stripe or ProPay with the added option of PayPal. Here your donors can choose whether to pay via credit card or via PayPal:

After clicking the PayPal Check out button, the donor will see a hover window where they can complete their PayPal checkout:

Here's a video showing the checkout process when the user selects PayPal: