Enable your LGL Forms account to accept Stripe payments

To collect donations and other payments through LGL Forms, you need an integrated payment processing account. You can use Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay as your integrated payment processor. 

This article describes how to set up Stripe as your payment processor.

In this article:

LGL Forms makes it easy to create and publish online donation forms (or forms that collect payment for other reasons, such as events or membership registration or renewal). LGL Forms is integrated with Stripe, a leading merchant account provider and payment processor. 

If you want to collect online donations, you will need to activate payments within your LGL Forms account. To do this, click on the Donations/Payments tab, and then click on the Activate Payments button:

Enter your credit card information

First, you will need to put in a credit card so we can bill you for any transactions that are processed (1% of the transaction amount, billed retroactively on a monthly basis).

Create a Stripe account

Next, you'll be prompted to set up a Stripe account. Click the Set up Stripe button to proceed with setting up your Stripe account.

NOTE: As stated in the light blue text box in the screenshot above, if you already have a Stripe account be aware that Stripe will automatically connect your LGL account to that existing Stripe account if you're logged into your Stripe account. That may be exactly what you want, but we've also heard from people who accidentally connected their LGL account to the wrong Stripe account (for example, if they are a consultant who works with multiple clients).

Then click the Yes, connect to Stripe button and fill out the requested information in the Stripe interface.

When you've populated the required fields in the form, click the Authorize access to this account button, shown above.

You can now enable your LGL form to accept payments.

Reviewing Stripe transfers to your bank account

In your LGL Forms account, you'll see a summary of each Stripe transfer to your bank account. This summary tells you about the LGL Forms transactions that are part of the transfer, but also shows the entire transferred amount. You can use the total amount transferred to reconcile transfers with your bank account statements.

Here's an illustrated example:

Here's a quick rundown of what the five columns in the middle refer to:

1. Date - the date of the transfer from Stripe to your bank account
2. Transactions - the count of LGL Forms transactions included in each transfer
3. Gross - the gross amount process from the LGL Forms transactions in each transfer
4. Net - the amount passed onto you from the transactions, net of the payment processing fees
5. Transferred - the amount transferred to your bank, inclusive of your Stripe transactions outside of LGL Forms

What your donors will experience

Here's a video showing the checkout experience when the donor selects to pay by credit card (using Stripe):

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