How do I revise a letter?

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It should never be necessary to delete a letter and re-create it in order to revise it. 

Any revisions you make to the content of your letter will need to occur in your letter template, depending on the type of template you're using. Instructions for how to make this revision for both types of letter template are provided below.

Revising a simple LGL letter

If you're using a simple LGL letter, you can edit the content in your letter template's Letter Content pane, outlined in red in the screenshot below:

Revising a Microsoft Word letter

You can revise a Microsoft Word document for a mailing in the following two ways:

  • If your mailing is using a letter template and your letter content lives in a Word document attached to the template, you will need to update the Word document in that template. This requires the following steps:
    • Editing the template
    • Uploading the new version of the Word file (from your computer)
    • Saving the letter template (if the mailing is in Draft form, it will then automatically use the new version of your Word document)
  • If your mailing is not using a letter template, you can edit your mailing and upload the Word document directly into it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is critical that you upload a version of the Word file that has the changes you want on it (otherwise you won't get the results you're expecting). To make sure you are using the correct version of your Word document, we recommend downloading the document and saving it to your "Downloads" folder. Then make your desired edits and make sure you upload that document back into the mailing or template.