How do I revise a letter?

There are two ways to revise a Word file for a mailing:

  1. If it is based on a template, you need to update the Word file for that template. The process would be to edit the template, upload a new version of the Word file (from your computer), and save that template, creating a new version. The mailing should automatically use the new version if it is in draft.
  2. If you don't have a template for a mailing, you can upload the Word document directly while editing the mailing.

It is critical that you upload a Word file that has the changes you want on it (otherwise you won't get the results you're expecting). We recommend downloading the file and saving it to your "Downloads" folder. Then make your desired edits and upload it back into the mailing or template.

In no case should you need to delete a letter and re-create it.

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