Reviewing the status of emails sent via LGL

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Searching and reporting on the status of sent emails

You can search for emails that you have sent through Little Green Light in order to see specific information. To search and report on sent LGL emails, go to the Constituents tab and search on the type of information you want from among the available options: "Mail/email dates", "LGL Email status", or "Last email/mail". The screenshot below shows a query for constituents who "clicked" on an email sent this year:

Reviewing the status of sent emails

For a given group email you've sent from your LGL account, you can filter by status to see constituents who have taken certain actions with your email:

  1. Navigate to the Mailings tab, select Emails, and then click on the Sent emails tab:
  2. Select the email you'd like to review from your list of sent emails by clicking on the name of the email. 
  3. Choose the email status you'd like to review from the Email status dropdown menu from within the Review & send step of the email builder, in the Recipients section:

Status definitions

You can see what the different email statuses mean by looking through this list.