Tips on sending email from LGL

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In general, emails from LGL work the same way as regular printed mailings in LGL. You have all the same merge fields available and can create all kinds of templates, including ones for acknowledgments, reminders, and so on.

You can send email from LGL in a few different ways:

  • To one constituent
  • To a handful of selected constituents
  • To an entire list/query of constituents
  • As an acknowledgment for donations

Tips for emailing from LGL

No matter which method you use, keep these basic guidelines in mind:

  1. You must first enable LGL email in order to send emails directly from your LGL account.
  2. Emails can be from any verified and approved LGL team member (i.e., a user in your LGL account that has logged in at least one time who is either an administrator or has been approved to send email by an administrator).
  3. Because emails are sent via a server that is different from your regular email server, they may display as "From: Your Name via Mailgun" or "From: Mailgun on behalf of Your Name". If you have your own domain and use it for emailing, you may be able to avoid this.
  4. Emails must have a subject and some email content.
  5. It is not possible to send email attachments. This means that it is not possible to attach any file to or embed any file into an email you are sending (except a PDF copy of an email acknowledgment). This is because attachments and embedded content can slow down email delivery or pose a red flag to security software, which may block the emails altogether. 

Emailing from LGL and CAN-SPAM

While LGL advises use of Mailchimp or Constant Contact for general solicitation or newsletter emails because they help you comply with CAN-SPAM very easily, it is also possible to use LGL Email and still comply with CAN-SPAM. See How to send batch marketing emails from Little Green Light for instructions.