Sending email directly from Little Green Light

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The ability to send email directly from Little Green Light is included in your account. This feature allows you to send emails that are similar to a typical email sent using an application such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail.

NOTE: If you own the domain you send email from and you want your LGL emails to look like they come directly from your email address using that domain, contact Support from the Help page in your account.

You can send transactional emails* or marketing emails. If you want to send marketing emails, be aware that your emails must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and that you will need to follow these instructions to be in compliance.

Please keep in mind that:

Turn on the LGL Direct Email setting

To begin sending transactional or marketing emails from your account, first navigate to your Settings > Integration Settings > Direct Email page and click the Activate LGL Email button, as shown here.

Send your emails

After you have turned on the setting, you are free to send transactional or marketing emails to your constituents, as described in these help articles:

Track your email stats

Once you begin using this feature to send emails to your constituents, the details of your emails will be tracked and available for you to review on the LGL Direct Email page, as shown here:

Keep in mind that emailing directly from LGL is subject to certain limitations, in the same way emailing from any provider is.

Email status definitions

NOTE: These statuses are not global to the constituent or email address, but specific only to the email address within the context of the actual email that generates the status.

What is counted in each status:

  • Pending - Email is in draft or queued to be sent
  • Processed - LGL has sent the email

Status of processed emails:

  • Unconfirmed - No word back from the recipient’s server (email was likely delivered)
  • Delivered - Delivery to recipient confirmed or 24 hours have passed with no failure
  • Opened -  Opened by recipient (includes “Clicked”)
  • Unopened - Not opened by recipient
  • Clicked - Recipient clicked one or more links in the email (NOTE: This status cannot be reliably tracked right now due to URL formatting issues. We are working on a fix to resolve this.)
  • Unsubscribed - Recipient unsubscribed via the email service
  • Failed - Failure of delivery has been confirmed

Failure codes:

  • Bounced - Was sent but rejected on the recipient’s end
  • Dropped - Delivery not attempted (prior bounce or spam case)
  • Error - Email address likely invalid
  • Invalid - Email address is not valid
  • Rejected - Email service rejected the request to send
  • Undeliverable - Not sent; failed LGL’s deliverability test

* A transactional email is addressed to a single person and is used to complete a transaction. An example of a transactional email is an acknowledgment letter sent as an email message.