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How can I set up my form to accept recurring gifts?

To allow a recurring donation to be submitted through your LGL form, the only required steps are to 1) enable your payment form to accept recurring gifts and 2) to offer a selection within your form that will allow your donors to designate the gift as recurring and choose the donation schedule.

These two screenshots show how you can set up your form and the selection of one-time or recurring donation schedule options within it:

Setting up the mapping

The recommended approach is to set a gift as recurring by mapping the “Payment is recurring?” field to the Gift Category in LGL.  

First click on the “Payment is recurring?” field name to set up the mapping for that field:

Select the fields for the mapping:

Here’s how the mapping looks once it is all set up:

Making changes to an existing recurring donation

How do I edit name or contact information for a recurring donation?

To edit name or contact information for a recurring donation, go to LGL Forms, and then click     Donations/Payments > Scheduled Recurring. From here, you can either click the View/Edit link for the recurring donation you want to make changes to:

Or you can search for the recurring donation by typing the donor's name, if you know what it is, into the search field available on the "Received" tab:

Once the search result containing the recurring donor's name appears, you can click the     View/edit original submission link within the most recent submission:

Then click any of the pen icons to make your update/s:

How do I cancel/pause or edit payment information for a recurring donation?

To edit or cancel a recurring donation for a donor, go to your LGL Forms account and click Donations/Payments:

Click the Scheduled Recurring tab:   

Scroll through the list to find the name of the donor for whom you want to change the recurring payment information. Click View/edit below the date of their last donation:

From here, you have the option to change the donation amount or schedule, change payment information, and cancel or pause the recurring donation.

What if a donor submits the form, didn’t complete the payment, but still wants to make the donation?

In this case, you have the option to navigate to the submission and complete the payment on the donor’s behalf, which reprocesses the payment.

Look up the donor by name from the Donations/Payments > Received tab:

When you locate the affected submission, click the “Complete payment” option:

What can I do if a recurring donation fails?

Occasionally, payment of a recurring gift through an LGL form is disrupted because of various reasons. There may have been a temporary issue with the card, in which case you can try resubmitting it. (If this doesn’t work, you may want to contact the donor to get an updated credit card number.) There are numerous other possible causes for a credit card payment as well.

When a recurring donation fails, you have the option to resubmit the payment from the submission summary in LGL Forms.

To resubmit the payment, within LGL Forms navigate to the Donations/Payments > Received tab in your LGL Forms account and search for the recurring gift that failed. You can search on date, donor name, and whether the gift is unpaid and recurring:

First you can first update the person’s credit card (link to “How do I cancel/pause or edit payment information for a recurring donation?”). Then navigate to the incomplete payment submission to resubmit the payment, as shown here:

After this step, you’ll be taken to the submission detail page, where the payment status will be updated to “Paid”.

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