Sending bulk email

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be able to email directly from LGL, you must first enable the LGL Direct Email feature in your account.

To create an email to send to multiple people, go to the Mailings tab, select Emails from the dropdown menu, and click the Send email button shown here:

You can now follow the four steps listed below to send your email. 

Step 1: Build email list

In Step 1, build your email list by 1) searching for people, 2) adding individuals one at a time, or 3) removing individuals one at a time, as shown here: 

Step 2: Customize email

Once you've built your recipient list, you can move to Step 2, where you define your email's content.

You can select a template or write your email from scratch in the Email Content pane. Be sure to take advantage of the merge fields (available on the right side of the page).

Step 3: Email options

In Step 3, you can name your email, select the email's category, choose which permission levels in LGL will have access to see it, and connect it to an appeal or event.

Step 4: Review & send

In the final step, if you are ready to send the email, click the button to "queue email for delivery". If you don't click this button, the email won't be sent.

On this page, you can see the merged emails as they'll appear when the recipient looks at them (with the exception that the date will be listed as "TBD" until you actually queue the email for delivery). You can also see how many of the recipients will be excluded and why.