Setting up your account to send LGL Direct Email

It is possible to send transactional* or marketing emails from within your Little Green Light account. This feature allows you to create and send individual emails, send emails to a list of constituents, and send acknowledgment emails to donors.

When you send emails this way from LGL, you should use the same precautions you would when sending email from your work email account. Remember, it's never a good idea to send unsolicited marketing emails. Doing so can get you in trouble with your email provider, which can cause your email address to be flagged as spam (possibly hindering deliverability of your future emails).

The LGL Direct Email service is a great way to streamline transactional email communications with your donors, such as acknowledgments, pledge reminders, event RSVP follow-ups, membership renewal reminders, and other types of small batch bulk emails. Though it is not meant to be a replacement for an email marketing service (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or the like), it can still be used to communicate with your constituents in a marketing capacity. However, if you use it in this way, you are required to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act

To get started with LGL Direct Email, go to your Settings > Integration Settings > Direct Email page, and click the Activate LGL Email button, as shown here:

Then follow these instructions to send your emails.

* A transactional email is addressed to a single person and is used to complete a transaction. An example of a transactional email is an acknowledgment letter sent as an email message.