NCOA service through LGL

About the NCOA service through LGL

LGL offers the option to run your constituents through the NCOA process. This service requires you to pay a separate one-time fee of $150. Typically, the process takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete from the time you submit your inquiry.

Important note: This service is not recommended for accounts with fewer than 5,000 constituents. The cost per "moved" address below 5,000 records is often higher than a first-class stamp, and a first-class stamp provides exactly the same data as the NCOA process.

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What is NCOA?

NCOA (National Change of Address) is a centralized database maintained through the process of completing "change of address" cards and filing them with the US Postal Service. Read more.
Why should I run my database through NCOA?
If you have never had this service performed, you'll likely find 5 to 15 percent of your constituents have updated addresses compared to the ones in your LGL account. 
NOTE: We recommend using the NCOA service no more than once per year.
Can someone else run my list through NCOA?
Yes. Any mail house you work with to send mailings is likely already doing this. Many other NCOA providers are available as well.

Can I import NCOA changes from a mail house back into LGL?
If you use a provider other than Little Green Light and want to import the changes back into your LGL account, your export sent to the processor must include the LGL Constituent ID and the LGL Address ID. If you want to then import the NCOA updates into your LGL account, the processor must provide you with those fields when they give your data back.

What to know about NCOA service through LGL

  • LGL will run all your "mailable" constituents (those who are not deceased are not marked "do not mail" in Communication Tags and have a complete address) through the NCOA process.
  • LGL will pull only one address per constituent, the "Preferred" mailing address.
  • LGL performs the export, runs the list through the NCOA process, formats the file returned for import/update of your LGL account, and imports the data. Codes are added indicating which constituents were run through NCOA, and old addresses are retained and marked inactive.
    • We format returning addresses in Proper Case (not ALL CAPS), so your addresses in LGL will appear like "City", not "CITY".
  • You will need to pre-pay for the service and then authorize LGL (we use third parties to run your list through the central database).
Please be aware of the following before committing to having LGL process your records:
  • If you use "Seasonal address" coding, only the address that is valid at the time LGL runs the export will be checked in the process. For example, say Person X has a "preferred" address with valid dates of April 1 through Sep 30 and a second address with valid dates of Oct 1 through Mar 31. If LGL runs the NCOA in February, the only address that will be checked would be the "second" address, because that is the preferred address in February.
  • LGL's NCOA service is limited to updating addresses in your LGL account. The service does not include USPS bulk mail assistance service such as bar coding or USPS zip code sorting. 
  • While LGL exports can provide basic sorting by zip code, maximum bulk mail discounts are available only through a mail house.
  • The NCOA process does not and cannot complete addresses that are partial; constituents with partial address information will not be processed.

Submit your NCOA service inquiry

  1. In your account, go to Settings > Subscription Settings > Data Services and choose the "NCOA Processing Inquiry, as shown here:

  2. Review the information carefully, and complete the form
  3. You will receive an email with confirmation of your submission. If you have not received a follow-up within a few business days of completing the inquiry form, please let us know by sending email to
  4. Once it is confirmed LGL will proceed with NCOA service, you will be asked to pay a one-time $150 fee.
  5. When the NCOA process has been completed, you will need to spend some time reviewing the results

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