Control how constituent name and gift data are updated/created in an import

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When you import data into Little Green Light, you can select whether you want your constituent data to be updated (or not), and how you would like your gift records to be created, by making selections within the Map fields options in step 2 of your import.

Control whether constituent names are updated

If you want to make sure that constituent updates in your import spreadsheet don't overwrite existing name information in your Little Green Light database, check the Do not update constituent name information checkbox. If you do want that data to be overwritten with the constituent name data in your import spreadsheet, leave the box unchecked (to see which name data will be updated, click the question mark icon). 

Select preferences for how gifts are created 

To ensure that only gifts with an amount displaying in your import spreadsheet are created, check the Ignore $0/blank gift records box.

To instruct LGL to add all gifts created to the current gift batch, check the Create gift batch? box. (NOTE: This is not recommended if you are importing historical gift data.)