Mapping gift fields

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are exporting gift data and re-importing it in order to bulk update it, make sure you include the LGL Constituent ID and the LGL Gift ID in your export. When re-importing, ensure that you set up a mapping for these fields so that the bulk change you are making will occur in the correct constituent and gift record.

Required fields

Required fields are  Gift Amount and Gift Date. Gift Amount must be a numerical value and cannot contain text. Gift Date must have a 4-digit year, and the best format to use for them in your import spreadsheets is YYYY-MM-DD; for example, 2019-02-26.

Special fields

If your data is coming from another system and you have a unique gift ID for each gift from that record set, it is best to map that unique gift ID to the "External Gift ID" field in LGL.

Example: Simple gift

Import file

Record Preview

Example: Full gift

Import file

Record Preview

Example: Multiple gifts per row

Import file

Each gift column on the import file needs to be mapped to its own gift record number in LGL.

Record preview

 Example: Ignoring $0 gift data

In some cases, you might have data with rows of gift information related to "gifts" with $0.00. This can happen when every constituent is included in a data export whether they gave a gift or not; those without gifts have rows with $0.00 gifts while those with gifts show dollar values. The Flex Importer allows you to turn on a setting that will ignore any gift data where the gift amount is $0.00 ("0.00" in the cell). This option can be found in the Matching and updating preferences section in Step 2 (Map fields and preview) of the import process. 

Import file

Based on the "ignore" setting, all rows with "0.00" will be ignored and no gift record for $0.00 will be created for those people.