Mapping education fields

Important information

The purpose of the education fields in LGL is to record information about which schools your constituents attended. The goal is to record useful biographical information about donors and prospects. This should not be confused with the purpose of the Class Year and Class Affiliation functionality, which is to help schools manage and segment their parents and alumni.

Required fields

Two fields must be present for an education record to be created: 1) School Name (free text, so while long school names are not an issue consistent data entry must be maintained) and 2) School Type (default LGL values are: Elementary, High School, College, Graduate, Other). If your data has school types that don't match LGL's default values you can either edit the list in Settings > Menu Items > Other Menu Items or let the Flex Importer create new school type values based on your data.

Special fields

There are no special fields.


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