Mapping events

NOTE: If your event has the optional event setting: Tracking additional guests turned on, please see Importing additional guests into an event for how to properly format and map these events.

Required fields

The only requirement for creating an event is that it have a name. In the context of importing constituents to an event, you need to have a value in the "Gen. Event Name" column/field. 

NOTE: When loading gift records, you can associate gifts with events by using the "Gift Event Name" field.

Special fields

Custom categories and attributes (different types of fields) can be imported into an event in LGL. During import, those custom fields will be available to you if you choose to display them and you choose the event within your import. 
To access the custom attributes/categories for your event during an import, select the event in the dropdown menu from within the Appeal and event connection section of your import mapping page:

Now you will be able to match the columns in your import spreadsheet to the appropriate custom category/attributes in your import mapping.

If your import file does not contain a column and mapping for the event name, be sure you also assign a rule by using the “set defaults” rule for "Gen. event name”.

NOTE: It is possible to import to custom fields for only the one event you select in the Appeal and event connection section of your import mapping page, and the event must be active (not archived).

It is also possible to have recurring events in LGL. Read the Recurring events or classes - how to record attendance Knowledge Base article for more information.


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