Create an email acknowledgment template

To create an email acknowledgment template, go to Fundraising > Acknowledgments > Ack. Email Templates, and click the Add ack. email template button:

The Add letter template screen (shown below) opens. The category is automatically set to "Acknowledgment", which will make this template, once you save it, available within the gift entry page so that you can add the acknowledgment to the gift/s you want to acknowledge.

Now you can name and define your template.

Once you’ve completed the necessary fields, your email acknowledgment template might look something like this:

To make sure your email template is done, confirm that you have completed these tasks within it:

  • Named your template in the Template Name field
  • Completed the From and Subject fields
  • Drafted your content in the Email Content pane, adding merge fields from the Merge fields list
  • Clicked the Save button in the bottom right of the template

Your email acknowledgment template will now be available to select from the Acknowledgment template dropdown within the gift record or to select in bulk from Fundraising > Acknowledgments > Unacknowledged Gifts.