Send email acknowledgments

NOTE: In order to email directly from LGL, you must first enable the LGL email feature in your account.

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If you have already created an email acknowledgment template and attached it to gifts needing to be acknowledged, your only remaining step is to test your email if you haven’t already done so, and then to queue the emails for sending. You can do both by following the steps below.

Send a test email

To test your email and make sure it is ready to send (checking to see how the email looks, proofreading the text one last time, ensuring the merge field/s are working), you can send yourself or another person a test email.

To send a test email, go to Mailings > Acknowledgments > Ack. emails, and edit the email:

Go to the Customize step of the email builder, and click the Send A Test Email button:

Type the email address for the person who should receive the test email, and click the Send Test button.

Depending on how your email looks, you can either revise it to fix any issues or you can queue it for sending.

Attach a PDF version of your acknowledgment to the ack. email

If you would like to attach a PDF version of your acknowledgment email to your acknowledgment email itself, you can turn on the setting  by going to  Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings and scrolling down the page to Acknowledgment Attachments:

This setting does not cause a PDF version of the email to be attached to every outgoing email acknowledgment, however. To cause the PDF version to be attached to outgoing emails in the email acknowledgment, edit your email acknowledgment, navigate to the "Email options" tab, and check the "Include copy of email as PDF attachment" box from the "3. Email options" tab of the email builder for the specific email acknowledgment:

The attachment will appear in the email. Here is an example of what that looks like:

Only use images you've uploaded to your LGL account

If you use the PDF attachment option and you want to include images in your email and PDF attachment, please make sure to use only images that you've uploaded to your LGL account. Images you pull in via an HTML link, for example, will fail to appear in the PDF attachment. 

Queue your email acknowledgments for sending

Navigate to Fundraising > Acknowledgments > Ack. Emails > Draft emails, and look for the appropriate email acknowledgment batch:

If you are ready to send the email acknowledgments, click the Queue email for sending button to begin the Send process:

After clicking on this button, you’ll see a notification that your email has been queued for sending:

Please note that LGL sets the send time for sending to a half-hour after you have queued the emails for sending.

Remove the emails from the queue or send immediately

Take your emails out of the acknowledgments queue

If you have queued the emails for sending and then decide you weren’t ready to send them after all, you have a small window of time in which to remove them from the queue by clicking the Remove from queue button:

Once you click this button, your email will no longer be in a “Send” status, so if you ultimately want to send it you will again need to click the button to queue it for sending.

Send the emails immediately

Conversely, if you want the email to send right away, you can click the Send now button:

When you see the dialog asking you to confirm that you want the email to be sent immediately, click OK. The notification will update to the current time, and your emails will be sent within a half hour.

Confirm the emails were sent

Once the email has been sent, it will be marked complete/sent. You can confirm this by going to Fundraising > Acknowledgments > Ack. Emails > Sent emails and viewing your email acknowledgment in the Sent emails tab:

It’s a little more of a challenge to make sure all of the emails you just sent were received due to firewalls, other security measures that may be in place for your recipients’ email addresses, and other unforeseen circumstances. The best way to check that the email system is working is to send a copy to yourself and ensure you receive it successfully.