Frequently asked questions about gift acknowledgments


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Q. How do I send year-end tax receipts?

A. This article explains how to create year-end tax receipts or statements.

Q. How can I troubleshoot my Microsoft Word template?

Please read this article to troubleshoot errors or issues that may affect your use of Microsoft Word with your acknowledgment mailing.

Q. Why is there an Unacknowledged Gifts alert on my Dashboard?

A. This article explains what that alert is for and more about how to use it.

Q. What should I do if I forgot to mark my mailing as “Sent”?

A. For instructions on how to remedy this issue, please read this article.

Q. I assigned the wrong template to a gift. How do I change it?

A. If you assigned the wrong template to a gift, you can search for the acknowledgment template from your Fundraising tab, which will bring into your search results all of the gifts that acknowledgment template is assigned to:

From within the search results, you have the option to remove the current acknowledgment template by hovering on the name of the template and then clicking the red “x” that appears:

Once you’ve removed the template, you’ll see the option to add a new one:

Q. How can I acknowledge split gifts within a single acknowledgment letter or email?

Please follow these instructions.