Build and map a basic membership form

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It is possible to capture annual membership payments through an LGL form. The payments can be set up as either one-time or automated annual payments with multiple membership levels.

The image below shows an example of a membership form that can collect three levels of a one-time membership.

Map the form

You can see how to set up the mapping for the example form shown above as follows.

Name and contact information:

Gift and membership fields:

Make sure you set up conditional logic for each of your membership levels:

For the correct membership level to be set up by default, the logic must be present within the default as shown (i.e., set the membership level to “Gold” if the word “Gold” is present within the “Amount - Details” field).

Make your membership annual and its renewal automatic

If you want the memberships you collect through your LGL form to be available for a one-time membership or for it to be possible to renew an annual membership automatically at the current membership's end date, you can set up your form to accept recurring gifts.

In your form, edit the Amount field and choose to make the donation frequency either one-time or annual, as shown here. Then save your changes. 

You’ll also want to set a default, for the recurring memberships, to add “+1 year” to the membership end date: